ISO 9001 Supplier Flow Down Requirements

These requirements apply to all purchase orders to approved suppliers of Morris Bean & Company (MBC) CTP (Critical to Process)/ Approved Supplier List.

By accepting the purchase order, it is understood that your organization agrees to meet the following requirements:

    1. The need to:
      1. Use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources(e.g. special processes), when required;
      2. Supplier must notify MBC of non-conforming product/service upon discovery, including any defects in products already at MBC; and obtain approval for the nonconforming disposition;
      3. Supplier is to notify MBC of changes to processes, products, or services;
      4. Supplier must flow down all PO requirements from MBC to any sub-tier supplier, including customer requirements;
      5. Any requirements for test specimens for design approval , inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing, where appropriate;
      6. Record retention requirements of certifications, test reports, and inspection records are 3 years and there are no special disposition requirements unless otherwise specified.
    2. MBC, its customers and/or any regulatory authority shall have the right of access to the supplier’s facility and all applicable records for parts/services purchased by MBC.
    3. Supplier’’s PO will include the processes, products, and services to be provided, including the identification of relevant technical data (e.g. specifications, drawings, process requirements, and work instructions, and our requirements for certifications.
    4. MBC reserves the right of final approval of products, services, methods, processes, equipment and release of products and services. Supplier certifications are typically provided unless otherwise specified.
    5. All special processes must be performed by trained, qualified persons. For fluorescent penetrant testing (PT) and radiographic testing (RT), personnel should be Level II certified per SNT-TC-1A. Both the vendor and any subcontractors used shall be a MBC approved source for any special processes, including coating, anodize, balance, radiography and penetrant inspection. Special process certification and / or reports shall be submitted with the shipment that assures conformance to all applicable processing requirements.
    6. For all calibration services, all gages, instruments and services must be calibrated using standards traceable to National Institute of Standards, or fundamental or physical constants. A calibration / verification report or certificate shall be submitted.
    7. Suppliers’ interactions with MBC may be verbal, email or written communication including quoting, purchase orders, inquires, non-conforming issues, and corrective actions.
    8. Control and monitoring of suppliers’ performance for quality and delivery will be applied by MBC.
    9. MBC will communicate to the supplier any requirements for verification or validation activities that MBC or its customer, intends to perform at the supplier premises.
    10. MBC will communicate any requirements for process design, test, inspection, verification (including production process verification), use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by MBC and as applicable, critical items including key characteristics.

4.06/IV/PURCH0003A Rev 7

Visitor Aggreement

Visitor agrees that MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY is engaged in research and development of new processes, products, and materials in their technology laboratories and product manufacturing locations which are proprietary and confidential to MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY.

In your visit to MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY, you may be exposed to confidential business information, as well as proprietary designs. processes, machines. technical information and trade secrets. In order that we may be more free and open with you in discussions and tours of the facilities, it’s necessary to have your promise, on behalf of yourself and your employer, that you will not use or divulge, for a period of five years, any confidential business information or proprietary designs, processes., machines, technical information and trade secrets to which you may be exposed. You, of course, would be under no obligation with respect to any of such items which: (i) are generally available to and known in the trade or by the public other than as a result of disclosure directly or indirectly by you or your representatives; (ii) was available to you on a lawful, nonconfidential basis from a source other than MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY or its advisors: (iii) you can document in writing has been independently acquired or developed by you without violating your obligations hereunder; or (iv) was disclosed to you by MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY on an expressly non-confidential basis.

Further, we require that you observe all company safety provisions while in our facility. This includes wearing proper eye protection and staying within marked aisleways, except as needed to accomplish your visit to the plant, and when accompanied by a MORRIS BEAN & COMPANY employee. The company assumes no responsibility for any injuries while on our premises.