Surface Finish

Superior Aluminum Casting Surface Finish with a Focus on Aerodynamics

At Morris Bean & Company, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier aluminum casting solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Our expertise in casting technology allows us to produce components with superior surface finishes, ensuring optimal performance in aerodynamically demanding applications.

Commitment to Excellence in Surface Finish

Our dedication to precision and quality sets us apart in the industry. We understand that in applications where aerodynamics play a crucial role, the surface finish of components is paramount. A smoother surface reduces drag and improves overall efficiency, which is why our aluminum castings consistently feature exceptionally fine finishes.

Advanced Post-Processing Techniques

To guarantee that our products not only meet but exceed your expectations, we employ state-of-the-art post-processing techniques. Our specialized processes and long-standing partnerships with Vibrodyne and Extrude Hone enhance the surface quality of our castings beyond our unusually good initial production capabilities.

Vibrodyne: Polishing
The Vibrodyne process is an advanced vibratory finishing technique that refines the surface of our cast components to achieve superior smoothness. This method involves:

    • High-frequency vibrations that remove surface irregularities.
    • Ceramic media polishing resulting in improved aerodynamic performance.
    • Experience and control over the finishing process to ensure consistency.

Extrude Hone: Unmatched Surface Refinement
The Extrude Hone AFM process is designed to deliver exceptional surface finishes by:

    • Utilizing abrasive flow machining (AFM) to polish internal surfaces.
    • Ensuring uniform material removal, producing surfaces with minimal roughness.
    • Achieving finishes that can exceed 90 RMS, meeting stringent industry requirements.

Why Choose Morris Bean & Company?

    • Expertise in Aerodynamic Applications: Our raw materials and processes are selected to produce castings optimized for aerodynamic performance.
    • Uncompromising Quality: Every product undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure it meets our high standards.

Join the many satisfied customers who trust Morris Bean & Company for their critical casting needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our superior surface finishes and advanced post-processing techniques can benefit your next project.

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