Applications in HVAC Systems In the HVAC industry, aluminum castings serve a variety of purposes across different components, including:

Large Capacity Air Chillers: Within the realm of large-capacity air chillers, aluminum castings are crucial components in essential parts such as impellers, casings, and diffusers. For years, aluminum impellers over 28” in diameter have been a cornerstone of our business at Morris Bean & Company. These components require durability, corrosion resistance, and precision, all of which are inherent in aluminum castings. We can turn any HVAC team’s visions into casting reality! Whether in HVAC units, cold storage facilities, or industrial HVAC systems, aluminum castings enhance heat transfer efficiency, facilitating the cooling process.

Compressor Housings: Precision-engineered aluminum castings offer outstanding strength and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for compressor housings and related components. These critical parts ensure dependable operation and precise control in HVAC systems.

Structural Components: From frame structures to enclosures, aluminum castings offer structural integrity while keeping weight to a minimum. This feature is particularly beneficial in mobile HVAC units and transport refrigeration systems, where lightweight yet durable components are vital.

At Morris Bean & Company, we take pride in our collaborative approach to innovation and excellence. Our partnership with industry leaders like York and Carrier, renowned providers of innovative HVAC and refrigeration solutions, enhances our capabilities in serving the HVAC industry.

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